We all see them, even if we pay no attention to them.  Most Loan Officers are “above” them, but they are everywhere and you can not ignore them forever.  So why not learn from them?

I’m talking about advertisements.  Specifically, large obnoxious vanity ads that seem like a waste of money.  You see Loan Officers and Real Estate agents on shopping carts at the grocery, the tee box at your local public golf course and on the bus benches in your neighborhood.  What is the point of a display ad like this?  Do you think people ever get calls from those ads?  Typically people who are riding the bus are not the type to own a home .. so why spend the money?

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You capture your clients by Blind Luck and I’ll prove it…

These days, where you get your customers is hugely important to the success of your business.  In my experience your relationships with most clients evolve through two stages.  Getting them to move from the first stage to the final is the key to running a profitable business.  Let’s spend some time defining each stage of this process so that we can put everything in perspective.

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