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Pre-Approve Me App

Take your Brand Mobile

Branded and Enterprise level solutions for companies looking for a compliant, secure, and powerful communication platform that will help increase revenue from day one.

What Separates You From the Company Down The Street?

Staying top of mind is the HARDEST thing to do today in the technology era.  Your company and Loan Officers are competing with companies online who’s sole purpose is to take your customer’s information and sell it as a lead to low/no fee, cut-rate online lenders.

Our app was designed to create more engagement with your buyers and Realtors, give them a very good reason to refer you, and drive conversions way up.

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Our platform is designed to take interruptive phone calls and repetitive tasks off of your desk by empowering your customers.  We can help you create a positive home buying experience for your customers by providing them with more clarity and just enough control.

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realtors can’t live without it

Realtors typically want 3 things from a good lender partner.  Our goal is to bring these things to them in a new and innovative way that will leave them with no choice but to refer their customers to YOU!

  1.  Honesty – This includes setting the right expectation.  Your new Mobile App will empower your Realtors to understand which homes your clients can truly afford and give them a simple way to get a price-specific letter 24/7.
  2.  Communication – Let our platform bring peace of mind to your Realtors and Borrowers by sending Push notifications, Text Messages, Emails and Mobile App updates in real time.
  3.  Closure – Empower your Clients and realtors with a useful tool that will keep them focused on gathering Loan Documents and give them an easy way to send them to you.
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With over 50 branded apps built for Companies all over the country, we have been through the Vendor Management and Compliance process many times. It’s our goal to make sure that whatever compliance requirements you have, we meet. Most functional aspects related to compliance can be controlled by the click of a button through our Compliance Management Portal.  These settings allow you to: 

  1. Design your Pre-Approval/Pre-Qualification letters, control when a customer can get them, and set the rules to support your needs.
  2. Customize Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Equal Housing Logo and FDIC Logo.
  3. Lock/unlock all settings by Company, Region, Area, Branch or even specific Loan Officer. You control who has access to which feature.
  4. Open up reporting and tracking which lets you see activity, track total letters being delivered, and more.

Anything in our platform can be adjusted to meet your needs!

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Groups who go branded get a LIVE webinar personalized training, recorded training resources guide with video’s and written instructions on how to use the platform.  Your Loan Officers success relies on their ability to know WHY you invested in the platform and HOW to leverage it to generate more loans and less work.

If you prefer a more personal touch, for an additional fee in-person training is available at the location of your choice.

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Recruiting good talent requires a long-term strategy, patients, and some luck.   Once you get a possible Candidate on the hook, it’s time to separate yourself from other companies and close the deal.

Without the right hook however, your company is just another place that claims they do a great job fulfilling loans.  Pre Approve Me can help change the game for your group, especially with purchase focused high producers.  Read more about how by clicking the link below.

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Why should you get a custom app?

Brand recognition is the key to building a strong, referral driven purchase business. Your custom app will keep you in front of your buyers and realtor partners even when they’re miles away. Now is the time to Take Your Brand Mobile and build the perfect solution for your business.