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Being a Loan Officer
Just Got a Lot Easier.

Close more leads and spend less time doing it with PreApproveMe, a cloud-based loan software designed to act as your front-line customer support with document management and loan application tools.

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  • Drive customer and realtor referrals by creating a stress-free experience that makes loan processing easier than ever before
  • Eliminate interruptive weekend and evening phone calls to run loan scenarios or send Pre-Approval Letters
  • Supercharge customer retention while your Pre-Approved Buyers shop, dramatically improving TBD pull through rates
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what we do

Pre-Approve Me leverages the newest mortgage technology to ensure your clients and realtor partners stay connected to you and their loan at every turn.

why our app?

Designed by a high-producing Loan Officer to help automate or eliminate the most time-consuming tasks you do every day, while keeping your clients and Realtor partners connected to you.

A Loan Officer in the palm of their hand

Pre Approve Me is designed to help you communicate more accurately and easily, while providing you more free time to do what you want to do. You’ll be surprised how life changing something so simple can be! 

Ultimate Flexiblity

Work quickly and easily from anywhere with our app and mobile optimized website.  Send Pre Approval/Pre Qual letters, accept or reject conditions, and chat with your buyers, all from your mobile device.


We didn’t just throw a bunch of useless features and a news feed into our platform and call it good.  This is not a “Vanity” app or “Virtual Business Card.”
Pre Approve Me is a useful tool for Loan Officers and Mortgage companies seeking to close more loans in less time while providing phenomenal customer service.


Give your clients the key information they need to shop effectively once they leave your office.  The Pre-Approve Me qualification calculator is specific to each client and accurate enough to generate a useable pre-approval letter.  Your business isn’t generic, why use a generic calculator? 

Key features:

Accurate Payment for each home and loan scenario
Qualified status based on DTI thresholds you control
If a client falls outside the DTI they can request your approval
Buyer can change between preselected Loan and MI program types
Create and customize Loan Program templates.
Compliance controls to make this feature work for your company

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Being a Loan officer means being available 24/7 to send out Pre-Approval letters or answer questions … right? Not anymore. Give your customers the ability to issue their own price-specific Pre-Approval or Pre-Qual letters so you can get back to your family or that round of golf (or that “honey-do” list).

Finally, enjoy a little bit of freedom on the weekend.

PS: Don’t get us started on how much Realtors love the power to issue letters!

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Exceptional service doesn’t stop with an accepted offer. The loan process can seem tedious and lengthy to your buyers. Set their minds at ease by providing them with a roadmap to guide them through underwriting. Show them what they can expect and both your lives will get a lot easier. 

With one glance at the Milestones tab or the “Own Your Home” Thermometer, buyers can know exactly where they stand in the loan process. Better understanding leads to less fear and apprehension, which means fewer phone calls for you during underwriting, and rave reviews after closing.

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Document gathering can be a difficult and painful process and is perhaps the number one reason loans don’t close on time.  The Conditions tab solves this problem by providing a quick and easy way for your buyers to gather docs.  Your clients can access their personal cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive) or use the built-in snap scanner to take pictures of outstanding conditions and submit them directly to you.

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Social Media Marketing is critical to building a brand today. Our Social Sharing function allows your buyers to share their excitement with their friends and family.  We take whatever website or landing page you have and will put it in front of hundreds of your clients closest friends and Family.   It’s a win for them and free advertising for you. 

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3 Seconds, 100% Clarity

The Dashboard allows your clients to get an overview of their loan status in seconds and determine if there is something urgent that needs their attention.  Cut through the clutter and create clarity.  Your clients will thank you for it.

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A compliant, secure and powerful communication platform with a beautiful custom interface for your company.

Its all about brand recognition

Staying top of mind with your customers can be one of the hardest parts of this business.

Both your company and Loan Officers are competing with low/no fee, cut-rate online lenders who’s sole purpose is to take your customer’s information and sell it as a lead.

Brand recognition is the key to building strong business-minded relationships that last.

Your custom Pre-Approve Me mortgage app will keep you in front of your buyers and realtor partners, no matter the distance.

Made for Engagement

Our mortgage app was designed to create more opportunities for engagement with your buyers and Realtors.

With such an ease in communication and the loan process, they are also more likely to refer to refer you to others.


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Powered by a community of Originators

Loan Officers, Managers and Compliance Departments from all over the country have helped shape Pre Approve Me into what it is today. With your feedback and input, we have created a mortgage app that solves the most important problems you face every day. And we’re still working to make it even better.

Our core mission is to help you grow your business, earn more money, and give you the power to provide better customer service, all while saving you precious time.

Having been in the business for 18 years, my number 1 dilemma has always been fielding calls from borrowers and agents wanting to know payments and needing pre approval letters "right now". The Pre Approve Me App completely eliminates this. The app is a game changer, and frankly I don't know how I functioned without it. My Realtor partners were blown away, and I already have a new Realtor team after just a week using the app. It's like fishing in a barrel. Honestly, I hope other loan officers DON'T take advantage of this...that leaves more for me! Thanks for bringing sanity back to my business.

Rob Dawson, Liberty Home Mortgage , Branch Manger

Pre Approve Me has the WOW factor when you show Realtors, and is allowing me to remain productive during critical daytime hours so that I get my loans closed FAST

James Adair, Sierra Pacific Mortgage , Loan Officer

Pre Approve me has been an incredible time saving tool for me and my company. Not only do my clients and agents get to track the status of their loans, but they also get to print off approval letters on the spot, making their offer more appealing in this hot market. Pre Approve Me has allowed me to keep my focus on getting new business while still tending to my realtors 24 hours a day through the app's automation. I wish I would have found this program years ago!!!

Alex Jimenez, Hancock Mortgage Partners , Branch Manager

In 10 days I set 14 Realtor appointments using Pre Approve Me. It was a great way to share technology with my referral partners and it gave me a reason to meet with the agents I didn’t know that well.

Beau Heidelberg, M&M Mortgage , Loan Officer

Since I started using my branded mobile app a few months ago, I have received many referrals from out of the woodwork. One realtor in particular loves the app so much the she has sent me 6 deals. This is after I hadn't gotten a referral from her for about a year! We expect similar results for all of our loan officers based on the feedback we have gotten so far!

Brian Grove, Unifirst Home Mortgage

The Pre Approve Me App is already helping us with our recruiting efforts and stream lining how we communicate with customers and referral partners. We consider this a welcome investment in our business and one that will help drive new Revenue in the door

Derek Hill, Peak Mortgage , Regional Manager
Michael Neef
Michael Neef
Founder/Loan Officer – Pre Approve Me
The question we ask ourselves everyday at Pre Approve Me is: How can we help our members be MORE, while doing less.

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